Timothy Comeau


About my writing

Occasionally I write things and put them online, and I’ve done so for over twenty years. I wrote reviews for Broken Pencil magazine between 2001–2003, and I wrote for an email newsletter put out by the artist-collective I was a part of between 2001–2004. Between 2004–2009 I ran an email newsletter that curated articles from the web. I was also part of the inaugural team at BlogTo when it was founded in 2005. In the Twenty Teens I (barely) used Medium. The good stuff is archived here.

Title Date Published
The Age of Faster Horses Mar 2024
The Perfection of Art Aug 2023
The Alternative Church: Imagining The Future May 2021
Forgotten & Erased Apr 2021
The First Year • COVID in Ontario Mar 2021
So I created a Substack … Mar 2021
The Analogy of the Whale Oct 2019
Bitcoin! Dec 2017
Archetypal Christ Jun 2017
Kill Them With Kindness Nov 2016
Rome Never Really Went Away Jul 2016
The Beginnings of Rome Jul 2016
Yeezy Beecroftian Sep 2015
I bought a KeySmart Mar 2015
Markdown Reference Apr 2014
Learning Git Apr 2014
Her Jan 2014
Don't Make me Think (About Publishing) Oct 2013
The Prosthetic Hallucination (on Google Glass) Oct 2013
Reflections on a Subway Sandwich Sep 2013
Retro Minimalism Aug 2013
King Baby of the 21st Century Jul 2013
Chrome History Aug 2012
The Mechanism Aug 2012
Posterity Engines Jul 2012
Websites of the 2080s May 2012
Medium Specificity Feb 2012
Applying timeless page design to the Web Feb 2012
Leonardo da Vinci's Emblems Jan 2012
How it's Been Nov 2011
The Sketchbook Tradition Jan 2011
Three Versions of Western Art History Apr 2010
Avian Aspirations Feb 2010
The iPad Jan 2010
Michael Jackson’s Art Dec 2009
Mad Men with Smartphones Sep 2009
How long will I live? May 2009
The Fall of the Harper Government Dec 2008
Mammalian Diving Reflex Jun 2008
The Shameful Minimum Wage Apr 2008
The 22nd Century City Dec 2007
Blade Runner: The Final Cut Nov 2007
Dante and the Canadian November Nov 2007
The Perils of Bad Writing Sep 2007
Luminato? Jun 2007
The Fantastics Mar 2007
The Modern, Nodern, Podern, and Qodern Feb 2007
Free Expression Feb 2007
Mr. Mee Jan 2007
A Poem Nov 2006
The Language of Quotation Oct 2006
Suicide is news too Sep 2005
Signs of the Times: the lockout and the future Aug 2005
Zsa Zsa Gallery 1998 – 2005 Aug 2005
Toronto is NOT next Jul 2005
Toronto Outdoor Art Fair Jul 2005
Interview with Lisa Pereia Jun 2005
Interview with Matt Crookshank Jun 2005
@ MOCCA Jun 2005
Queen Street's New Old Masters Jun 2005
John Ralston Saul's The Collapse of Globalism Jun 2005
Don Quixote Symposium at U of T May 2005
Alphabetics Apr 2005
Downfall (Der Untergang) Review Apr 2004
Target at Fly Gallery Mar 2005
Shows on at Mercer Union Mar 2005
New show at the Power Plant Mar 2005
Doris McCarthy at Wynick/Tuck Mar 2005
Mike Bayne Interview Mar 2005
Dear Bruce Mau Mar 2005
Intro to ‘Robert Thurman on Anger’ Mar 2005
Darren O'Donnell's Suicide Site Guide to the City Mar 2005
The Canadian Art Foundation's Symposium: Imaging the Artist Mar 2005
Robert Storr at Harbourfront Centre Mar 2005
Conceptual Advertising Feb 2005
The Untitled Art Awards at Steamwhistle Brewery Feb 2005
Istvan Kantor at AGYU Feb 2005
Shows on at Mercer Union, YYZ, and Paul Petro Jan 2005
Mercer Union's New Year's Eve Party Review Jan 2005
2004 Top Ten Art Related Things Dec 2004
The Queen West Scene, year in review Dec 2004
Caught in the Act Book Launch Dec 2004
Vs at The Latvian House Dec 2004
On turning 30 Sep 2004
Trampoline Hall May 2004
The Sweater Song Mar 2004
The International Space Station & Rex Harrington Dec 2003
The Possessions Jul 2003
HollyWood Inferno Jul 2003
Videograms of a Revolutions Jul 2003
Tamala 2010 Jul 2003
Unbalancing Act by Jo Cook Mar 2003
Afield by Florentine Perro Mar 2003
September Eleventh’s Week in Review Feb 2003
The New Sobey's in Ajax Ontario Dec 2002
Letter to the Editor Oct 2002
Untitled Zine by James Whitman Oct 2002
Passenger and Tour Guides Oct 2002
Losercore Issue 1 & Older Man, Younger Woman Oct 2002
Small Dead Woman Oct 2002
Booker Prize Covers Oct 2002
The Pope's Downsview Park Mass Sep 2002
Heironymus Bush by James Turek Jul 2002
Interview Review of Atanarjuat May 2002
Cremaster 1 & 4 May 2002
Trudeau (TV Movie) Apr 2002
Takashi Murakami Lecture Review Apr 2002
Jessica Rowland's Distilled Mar 2002
Week in Review Jan 2002
Gallery Going 2001 Jan 2002
Lights On Lights Off Sucks Dec 2001
Found on the Floor of the Go Train Nov 2001
Lecture Reviews Oct 2001
Parks Canada or the Technonaissance? Jun 2001
Thoughts on the future Sep 2000