I bought a KeySmart

16 March 2015

This was essentially written as a review of the UX of KeySmart's site, powered by Shopify

The other day, checking Facebook I saw this:

and given that I’ve found my current key ring annoying, I clicked on it. It brought me to a website that did this, immediately:

So, I couldn’t even browse without providing an email address (which would undoubtedly start spamming me with “deals”) or without logging in with Facebook, so they could spam my timeline.

Ok, so let’s just check this product out on Amazon …

which doesn’t tell me much, but did give me some basic reviews.

So let’s just go to the company website:

Oh! A nice site!

Clean design!

Informative graphics!

More clean design!

More clean design!

Look at this form!

Look at how the form is pre-populated with my country and province, despite being an American company!

So of course I bought it, from the company, bypassing the both the Facebook advertising and the online-retail-default-juggernaut, Amazon.

And what’s really great, is that this is run via Shopify.

The negative is that their discount banner wasn’t really obvious enough, and I only noticed it in getting the screencaps preparing this, so I lost out on the 15% discount.

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