How it’s Been

5 November 2011

The sketchbook tradition has pretty much died out” — Alex Livingston, January 2011


In which I come of age inspired by books and artefacts that are hundreds of years old.

This is the tradition, the stream, in which I imagine I'll be working.


In which I think I’m working with a stream of objects. Inspired by things that are 500 years old, I imagine that one day too, my things will be 500 years old.

“Appreciated in 2500 AD”

There was a time when I imagined myself working in the future as writer, using a typewriter.

Present 2011

In which I want an iPad and have had an iPhone for two years. In which Star Trek’s paperless world has begun to make sense for everybody. In which a painting prof at the art school I went to “prints” after creating them on a Wacom tablet and a MacBook Pro.

Document History
  1. Orginally produced as an image on 17 Jan 2011, as a potential ilustration to “The Sketchbook Tradition”
  2. The image published on my blog on 5 Nov 2011
  3. Sept 2015: this version produced