Found on the floor of the Go Train (Eastbound to Oshawa), Midnight,
19/20 October 2001

24 November 2001

Josh I am so sorry! I will try very hard ok! I’m sorry.
Dina You have nothing to be sorry about. I’m sorry. I’m pushy. I want to be your friend and your girlfriend.
Josh This has absolutely nothing to do with being your fault. I’m not very self confident oh. I just don’t see much in myself but so much more in others. I’m really sorry, I feel so stupid like I am ruining our relationship by doing this.
Dina Josh, please stop. I love you for who you are. I don’t care about anyone else! Please believe me. Don’t feel stupid, you aren’t ruining our relationship. Just trust me.
JoshI’m sorry! I will try
Dina Do you still love me!?
Josh Yes, do you love me?

Instant Coffee Saturday Edition

  1. Nov 2001: Appeared in Instant Coffee Saturday Edition Issue No° 2
  2. 2002-2015 Archived on my websites & blog
  3. Sept 2015: this version produced