King Baby of the Late 21st Century

24 July 2013

The King Baby was born on Monday July 22nd. Today they announced his name was George.

Let us suppose future historians will be able to say that the Second Elizabethan Era lasted the second half of the 20th Century and a quarter of the 21st (a reign of seventy five years). Thus:

Elizabeth II1952 – 2027æ 101

As Elizabeth’s mother lived to be 101, this is quite feasible. Let us then be generous and assume all future monarchs will live to be 100.

Charles III 2027 – 2048 æ 79 – 100
William V 2048 – 2082 æ 66 – 100
George VII 2082 – 2113 æ 69 – 100

Note: Wikipdia states that Charles has considered reigning under the name George, which may be unlikely now that his grandson has been given the name. Nevertheless, were he to do so, presumably King Baby George would reign as either George VIII or follow his grandfather’s example and us another name.

If Prince William lives as long as his grandmother that would mean he'd be 102 in 2084. So today's news is a big deal in the 2080s. — @timothycomeau December 3, 2012
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