Untitled Zine by James Whitman

15 October 2002

untitled zine, James Whitman 536 E20th Ave Vancouver BC V5V 1M8 jameswhitman@hotmail.com

There’s not much to say beyond the fact that I really liked this zine. One: I appreciated the use of cardstock rather than paper, to give the book a secure feeling in the hands. Second: I liked the drawings, simple squiggly abstract line drawings in elegant black and white; no text and no title allows one to make what one wants to out of them. In my case, they reminded me of the work of the design firm M/M from Paris, whose work I am currently interested in (check out the album packaging of Bjork’s “Vespertine”). Summary: staple bound cardstock booklets printed with black and white squiggly drawings are hot. (Timothy Comeau)

Broken Pencil

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