Timothy Comeau • Hypercard (1997)

Anno Domini

Hypercard Project (1997)

This is a hypercard project I completed for a computer class while at NSCAD in 1997.

Given that Hypercard was in many way a precursor to the web, I wanted to revisit this project as a document of my proto-web work. I recall doing this very last minute, and at the time I was listening to a lot of Beethoven, so the project was a quick walk through complete with a sound sample of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony taken from the cassette I removed from my Walkman.

I recovered this project in May 2012 using a USB diskette reader and the Basilisk II Mac emulator to take screencaps, and built this web version in May 2018. The cards are presented in a looping sequence:

Ludwig Van → The Skull → The Hand → The Ear → Deafness → Back to Ludwig  Van & play his 5th (Clicking on image opens sub-site in new tab).