Timothy Comeau

Ardeches (1999)

gallery view of exhibition angled toward south facing window

gallery view of exbition angled toward the north facing door

invite to the exhibition

From the artist statement:

Ardeches references the pyschological source of art and religion. The title is meant to suggest a metaphor for this contempoary art show in a chamber which is accessed trhough a hall and a decent down steps, by alluding to the 30,000 year old Chauvet cave, found in 1994 in the Ardèche region of France. Its cave paintings are the world's old known art. There, the painted animals represent the gods of the day. Here, the painted celebrities and diagrams represent the gods of today. The books contrast the television, both mediums of communicating information, that have transformed human conciousness.

February 16 – 20 1999
Opening Mon. Feb 15 @ 5:30pm
1891 Granville St Halifax
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design
Anna Leonowens Gallery 3