Sequence 4 • 2005–2010

Timothy Comeau Projects Sequence 4 encompasses work made between the years 2005 and 2010.

A portrait of Rosson Crow based on photo on, 2005

A portrait of Joseph Howe, 2005

The Rebbecca Portrait

I also painted one of my art school classmates, Rebbecca Young, based on this photo I took in March 1999 at the Khyber, which captured her in the background.

Inspiration to paint this portrait came after attending a talk in Sept. 2000 by artist Tony Scherman who painted Gillian Anderson’s mouth. In his talk, Scherman said that he'd thought Anderson had a “very American mouth”. This in turn reminded me of how Rebbecca talked about being compared to Anderson while we at school, having acquired the knick-name “Scully”.

Having already been struck by the accidental pose in this photo, I made an under-painting cartoon in Autumn 2000 and sat set it aside for five years, taking it up again in 2005.

A portrait of Rebbecca Young, 2000 – 2005

I exhibited this in November 2006 at the local Ajax community centre and won an award. I considered this my art world G.E.D, since growing up in Nova Scotia, I didn't have an opportunity for recognition at a local level.

Being awarded on 3 November 2006

Meanwhile, by this time I had begun mostly drawing, filling my notebooks, as examplified below.

Drawing spreads in “October 2006 Workbook”

Drawing spreads in “June 2007 Workbook”

In the summer of 2008 I moved from Ajax to the Toronto neighborhood of Parkdale. I began attending figure drawing sessions at the Gladstone Hotel on Wednesday nights, something I've done off and on since then.

Gladstone Figure Drawing, 2008

Gladstone Figure Drawing, 2008

Gladstone Figure Drawing, 2008

Gladstone Figure Drawing, 2008