Sequence 3 • 2000–2005

Timothy Comeau Projects Sequence 3 encompasses the years 2000 and 2005 and incporates work after I moved to the Greater Toronto Area from Halifax.
This period incorporates the time I spent working with the Instant Coffee Collective in Toronto.

After I graduated, I moved to Toronto. While residing in Ajax with my family, I was active in the downtown Toronto art scene. I first exhibited a book-work at Gallery 1313 in Parkdale, in February 2001.

“The Book of Marks”, pen & ink in a graph paper notebook, 1999-2001

In the spring of 2001 I began to work with the Instant Coffee Collective, and I worked with them for the following two years, until the beginning of 2004.

In the summer of 2001, I had a show at the Khyber Arts Centre in Halifax:

“Parks Canada or the Technonaissance” at the Khyber Arts Centre, Halifax • Jly. 2001

In the early days of my activity in Toronto, I produced and gave out an artist book called Vita Nova. This was hand assembled and printed on an HP ink-jet printer. It was reviewed in Broken Pencil magazine by Jon Sasaki.

“Vita Nova” as Zine of the Month in Broken Pencil's May 2002 Issue


Instant Coffee Collective • 2001–2004

Instant Coffee was headquartered in what later became Liberty Village, at 35 Liberty St. This is what it looks like today:

35 Liberty St, Google Streetview August 2015. The studio was appartment 103, the two windows at the left of the door

I began working with Instant Coffee through The T Shirt Show, which was an event held at the Art Gallery of Ontario in November 2001. We also produced a catalogue, which doubled as an art work and since we thought the cataldgoe was the most tangible aspect, in effect we concentrated on it "as the show"

In April 2002, we were part of the Images Festival at Innis College.

Stephen Crowhurst and me during the Images Festival at Innis College • April 2002

In December 2002 I was in a show of "wall drawings" at a space on Queen St West:
And in February 2003 I had a solo show at Zsa Zsa Gallery on Queen St West:

“Music For Lawyers” • Zsa Zsa Gallery • Feb. 2003

“Music For Lawyers”, Zsa Zsa Gallery, Installation (Left Wall) • Feb. 2003

“Music For Lawyers” • Zsa Zsa Gallery • Installation (Right Wall) • Feb. 2003

“Music For Lawyers” • Zsa Zsa Gallery • Installation (Right Wall) • Feb. 2003

In October 2003 we showed at the Americas Society in New York.

Instant Coffee at Americas Society HQ on 5th Avenue

While in New York we spoke at 16 Beaver:

16 Beaver Group, Monday 13 October 2003

And we put on Make Out Parties, which lead to my association with Darren O'Donnell, who got involved with Instant Coffee around this time

I stopped working with Instant Coffee in early 2004, because I was no longer interested an events-based practice, and because I wanted to focus on drawing and painting.

The Cable Project • 2004–2005

In 2004 I got an Ontario Arts Council grant for The Cable Project. Dissatisfied with some of the quality of the video work I'd been seeing, I wanted to give video artists cable television so that they could become aware of what was being accomplished with commercial standards. This was also an exercise in generosity, and it report-free grant giving.

The Cable Project