About Me

I look at screens all day, which is funny because I went to art school and thought at this point in my life I would spend my time looking at paper or canvas. Nope!

I’m currently employed by a job that didn’t exist twenty years ago, which amuses me.

  • I was born in Toronto and grew up in a French Acadian area of Nova Scotia
  • I did my undergraduate education in Halifax, where I studied Anthropology and Religion because I was interested in what it means to be human. This lead me to art school – the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design (NSCAD). There a teacher said I “drew like an angel”
  • I moved to the G.T.A in 2000 and spent my first five years here active in the Toronto Art Scene. This is one of the reasons that I have an award named after me.
  • I graduated from Sheridan College’s Web Design program in 2012

I’m really good at …
Computer stuff, web stuff, drawing, writing, thinking.

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Mar. 1999

And I’m on Google Streetview!

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Personal Branding

Since 2003 I've used self-portraits as branding for my creative work. I update them as I age.

These mark the projects made during the time while they were active.

  • 2014 logo


  • 2012 logo


  • 2009 logo


  • 2008 logo


  • 2006 logo


  • 2003 logo